Visualizzazioni totali

mercoledì 20 aprile 2016


In the precompiled 730 some expense will be already included, other specified in a attached sheet and other completely absent. The feature of this year is that the costs included, those indicated on a sheet and the ones completely absent are the same kind such as medical expenses (in this case a real chaos), university expenses etc ..
About University expenses I have to say that only those paid to state universities will be precompiled while the other ones will only be shown in a separate  attached sheet.
In the attached sheet are also indicated, for example, the costs for:
·        Building renovation
·        Energy saving
·        Charges for spa (deductible prior prescription)
‘Coming back’ to University expenses everybody must pay close attention to the amount that does not always coincide with what is spent. These expenses (to be given less any refund) are deductible only to the extent not exceeding the one, annually established, for each faculty by special decree of the Ministry of Education
About medical expenses, the data will be surely incomplete because: pharmacies have not been able to send all the data, opticians did not send any data (so, for example, expenses for eyeglasses are definitely not present), psychologists do not have to send any data etc ...

News of this year is the present, in the pre-built model, of funeral expenses, even if they are incomplete.