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mercoledì 16 novembre 2016


From 14th  November (2016) who goes to a nurse, radiologist, psychologist, midwife, veterinarian, para-pharmacy or to an optical, may request that the healthcare costs paid are not communicated to the Revenue Agency (communication due to send for the  "precompiled" tax return – partially precompiled tax return).
The "No" can be immediately noted on the receipt or invoice that the professional must issue.
For the invoices or receipts released before 14th November,  the taxpayers must ask the National Card System (STS) or the Revenue Agency for their own costs are not included in the precompilated tax return.
The new precompiled model 730 will therefore theoretically more complete as the costs of visits of nurses, radiologists, psychologists, obstetricians, veterinarians, pharmacies and opticians will be included, as well as the costs of pharmacies and physicians.
These new ‘subjects’ will have to pay close attention to the date of 14th November 2016 because all the data of the year 2016, prior to this date, will have to be mandatorily sent and the data from 14th November onwards will have to be sent only if authorized by the client / patient.
For the sake of completeness, it must be added that the same bond was triggered at the end of September for the private health facilities.
Nothing changes for physicians because since last year they didn’t have to send data to the STS if the patient had asked him for it.

In the light of the sensitivity of the issue, consider for example the psychologists, It’s very advised: first of all to say it personally, second of all to display a sign at the entrance to inform customers of the new requirement.