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mercoledì 2 marzo 2016


Many people knows the opportunity to ask doctor, pharmacist etc... not to send to the Revenue Agency their medical expenses under the right to privacy (this does not preclude the possibility of deducting the expenses on the tax return).
Not all (maybe) know that the same right is for college expenses.
College students may in fact oppose the communication, that universities have to send, of university costs incurred by the family of which they are charged.
To do it they must use a communication model that can be downloaded from the website of Revenue Agency.
The signed model must sent by March 21, with a copy of I.D., to the email address, or by fax to the number 0650762273.
As for medical expenses, the request is under the privacy right.
• Universities should send the expenses of 2015 by the end of February and
• The claim for not inclusion in the model 730 precompiled must be sent by March 21
it happens that the Revenue Agency will receive the data but then will have to delete them.

Hopefully someone will finds out that it's easier to say directly to the universities not to disclose such data.